Intelix products range from traditional matrix mixers to analog-to-digital converters, but the company also manufactures an extensive line of HDMI-over-coax extenders, distribution amplifiers, scalers, converters, matrix switchers, room combiners, and multi-zone paging systems, as well asthe broadest line of AV-over-twisted-pair extenders, including solutions for multiple formats of audio and video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB, and PS2.

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DigitaLinx DL-HDE100 Extender Set
 DigitaLinx DL-HDE100 extender set

DigitaLinx DL-HDE100 extender set

The DigitaLinx DL-HDE100 extender set transmits HDMI, Ethernet, bidirectional IR, and RS232 up to 100 meters away using a single twisted pair cable.

Built-in surge protection and diagnostic LEDs ensure hassle-free and robust installations. Flexible power design allows the units to be powered at either the TX or RX end, and only one power supply is required. The 12 volt power supply is secured with a screw-on connector to prevent the power from being accidentally disconnected.

The DL-HDE100 is sold only as a set. All accessories are included including two IR emitters, two IR receivers, and two pairs of mounting brackets with screws. The individual transmitter and receiver are not compatible with other HDBaseT devices due to proprietary PoE circuitry.

Read more about DigitaLinx DL-HDE100 extender set on the manufacturer’s site.

Intelix HDMI/VGA Auto-Switching Wallplate
Intelix ASW-WP Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output

Intelix ASW-WP Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output

The Intelix ASW-WP is a two-gang wall plate designed to be the primary PC interface for classrooms, boardrooms, and conference centers. It converts VGA + Audio to HDMI and has an HDMI input.

The ASW-WP can be powered from the rear panel, or by Power over HDBaseT (PoH). It has built-in surge protection and diagnostic LEDs for robust installations.

The ASW Wallplate also features a customizable power management system, which will put the unit into a low power state after no video for 30 minutes or being inactive for 3 hours.

Read more about HDMI/VGA Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output on the manufacturer’s site.

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